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Three situations; three pathways:


  • Exploring what Industry 4.0 is and what it can do for you?   Wind4, the revolutionary way to initiate company-wide Industry 4.0 proficiency without disruption.

  • Already collecting data, outgrowing Excel, and wanting more monetizable value?  TrendMiner, the fastest way to address industrial data analytics from preventive maintenance/root cause analysis to product optimization/“Golden Batch”.

  • Committed to the concept and want to exploit it?  Work with us to apply for grants like the one we and our SME partner were awarded by DOE’s Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute.  CESMII, is supporting dual-level innovation, offering the SME assistance in developing technology that can be standardized for reuse by other factories.


All of these share the G-WPO exclusive mode of operation

Transformation via Participation



Our clients work alongside us to get all tasks done - from installation to operation - learning from us and gradually becoming expert enough to replicate similar projects on their own. 


Our goal is to expand their competence, keep their costs down, and learn in detail what makes their business special.

Every client is unique; every project is customized

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What does Transformation via Participation mean?


It means everything gets done together; client and consultant are joined.


The client participates in bringing the project to realization.  Naturally, the reciprocal is true, as well.  We, the consultants participate in the client data-runs, refining our understanding of the challenges faced.


Making this practical is the use of “Virtual Participation”, VP, a refinement of Zoom technology that facilitates remote access.  Aside from the most obvious advantage – elimination of the time and cost of travel – VP provides numerous advantages over in-person activity.

  1. Industry 4.0 is centered on Cloud-technology, and a VP strategy fosters recognition of the value of seeking Cloud-based solutions, the very point that G-WPO emphasizes.  Lesson: everything done with TvP, properly framed, can be a learning experience.

  2. One such solution relates to time.  On-site users may be preoccupied with an emergency and unavailable at the designated time.  The impact on the project is minimized since we can reschedule and use the time in other pursuits.  Lesson: VP eliminates wasted time.

  3. To minimize interference with routine factory work, it is frequently necessary for some individuals to bypass the VP session.  No problem; all sessions are recorded.  Lesson: VP permits a rehash of the session at no cost of resources.

  4. Supervisors of all sorts are likely to want to see some critical parts of the project.  The enhancements in VP provide quick-connect to the relevant parts of the video that are needed.  Lesson: VP is better than in-person; the Supervisor need not leave the office.

  5. The VP methodology is usable in-house, meaning that departments that normally don’t work together can now find a very time-efficient way to connect and work jointly to solve common problems.  For example, manufacturing may broadcast to Sales, reviewing a concern, or Sales may broadcast to their end-users, showing how careful the product is being manufactured.  Lesson: Industry 4.0 is all about connectivity and VP fosters that in many ways.



G-WPO to present four Webinars July 8 - August 15

in coordination with the Workforce Development Institute (WDI)


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