Master Plan for Health and Wealth

Our strategy for Covid-19 mitigation is the a direct application of the core principles of our practice: Address your concerns directly and deliver cost-effective solutions.  Today the health of your employees, as well as the confidence of your customers is paramount.  We support a durable, provable two-step method.

  • Create a Safe Environment for All  Now 

    • Define All.  Your employees do lots of things.  And for sure they mingle with one another and with the world   A safe environment is one that identifies not just sections of the building but what the  employees do in all those sections, what they inhale, what they touch, what they share on the inside and transmit to the outside.  These are the Safety Stakeholders and include employees:  on the factory floor; in inventory and stock rooms; packaging your products; handling all office work including accounting, orders and executive management;  maintenance people who enable a working infrastructure; shipping & receiving who assure that products can be manufactured and profits booked;  and in-house services like mail.

    • Define Safe. Here is where it is essential that you, the client, work interactively with us.  Keeping costs down while assuring that priority areas operate at optimum efficiency, should never require that any employees are put at risk.  But we realize that a safe environment may include creative solutions aside from cleaning.  These, prominently, include flexible use of virtual connectivity, an area  in which we have particular expertise.

  • There are Two Essential Time Elements in Safety

    • Now. There are multiple ways to clean an environment such as electrostatic disinfection, fogging, photo-electrochemical oxidation, ozone and UV light treatment, etc.  We can recommend particular methods and specific vendors who can do the sanitizing.

    • Forever.  We are always concerned about the speed with which a cleaned area can be re-contaminated.  Since the toxic agent is unseen, the problem can occur without warning.  Hence, we recommend that a proper strategy for a safe environment address the challenge holistically.  Our approach is to begin with a complete plan.  This method isolates the problems to be resolved - all the problems - and assigns solutions to each of them in advance of taking any action.  How will this location have breathable air?  How will incoming packages - even mail - be safe to handle?  These and other practical concerns add a robustness and safety to your implementation, and ultimately wind up creating a safe environment, promoting health AND wealth.


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