Key Team Members

Henry Weber (BS and MS, Engineering Cornell), is the President of G-W Process Optimization, Inc.  [LinkedIn Profile].  As Chief Operations Officer of The Right Process division, he has three related engineering roles.  The first is nondisruptive data acquisition, the strategic attachment of monitoring equipment that grabs factory measurement data without interfering with the process. The second is the strategic administration of team data, including IIoT for team-based analytics, and virtual collaboration between the team and the client.  The third is vendor interfacing, an essential team service that recognizes that there is frequently a need to quickly get up to speed on unfamiliar devices and machines.  Jointly, these roles facilitate delivery of clear and actionable information to both team members and client.  Recently, in response to Covid-19 pandemic, he has spearheaded TRP's Slope of One initiative to help companies open up and more importantly stay open strategically and safely using his skills in filtration, Clean Rooms, Ozone treatment, and plant layout.


Alan Ganz (Ph.D. Physics, Columbia University), is the Chief Technology Officer of G-W Process Optimization, Inc. the parent company of [LinkedIn Profile].  As the General Manager of The Right Process Division, and as the specialist in data analytics, he is the primary point of contact with clients and the executive in charge of managing the team.  By nature a quantitative synthesizer, he seeks to provide clients with "the simplest answer," one built on cross-disciplinary knowledge and experience, but also on scientific rigor.   His professional background in diverse fields including petroleum research; defense in a nuclear theater; analytical instrumentation; and, especially bio-medical devices, provides the basis for his integrated, activist solutions.   Having led groups in all the listed areas, he is fully aware that great ideas come from well-informed teams.  Thus, he energetically promotes virtual participation, the strategic use of streaming -video and -data, to assure that all participants - team members and clients - are efficiently connected, informed and heard.  This holistic approach is well-suited to the current pandemic period that requires scientifically-informed decision-making for current safety and productivity, but also flexibility for meeting an uncertain future.

David Hoenig, principle at DH Technical Consulting, offers clients the skills, experiences and wisdom from serving for many years as Revlon’s VP of Worldwide Engineering.  He continues to be the innovator he had been at Revlon where he applied an aggressive approach to drive down cost, implementing lean manufacturing.  His approach was hands-on, broad and inter-departmental: redesigning plant layouts for efficient material flow and process optimization; working with Marketing synergistically by coordinated planning of the manufacture of new products as inexpensively as possible to enable them to optimize revenue/margin considerations; even choosing to get down and dirty with the plant operators exchanging ideas and offering inspiration.

Joseph Kalinowski is the Principal of Trilogy Associates, providing management consulting services in medical devices and life sciences products to clients choosing to grow through the commercialization of new products and processes.  By combining technical expertise that fully grasps the new invention with a thorough understanding of its anticipated market, and a deep understanding of the regulatory environment – primarily the FDA – he offers clients a total picture of what they can expect if they choose to go to market.  He recognizes that Process Manufacturers are increasingly confronted by similar regulations. With his capacity to clarify even the most complex rules, together with his demonstrated understanding of new products in their competitive context, he offers Process Manufacturers fresh and novel ways to expand revenue.  


Tino Oliveri (PMP, Project Management Professional) is the President of BTCS Digital, where he offers clients the benefits of his IBM training, his hands on management of day-to-day operations and his senior executive experience.  He understands the dilemma Process Manufacturing executives face with regard to the Internet of Things … desire for speed and efficiency, but anxiety over confidentiality and dependability.  What sets him apart is his exceptional dual expertise: IT and data security.  Recognizing that decision-makers need interpretive guidance, he uses these skills to present clear explanations, and, when appropriate, is ready to offer a definitive actionable conclusion.


Brian McAuliff, is the founder and president of Bri-Tech a design/build/systems integration firm including designers, programmers, technicians and support staff located on Long Island.  He is an electronics/electrical expert with over 30 Years’ experience in control systems and automation including building automation, conveyor systems, packaging, process, and power applications.  While Bri-Tech concentrates on building systems, they also do R&D control software and custom PC board product design.  Clients include Natures Bounty, Entemanns, BASF and many other Long Island based firms.  As in integrator with decades of custom experience, Brian has seen many types of control and monitoring - from chilled water systems, pump controls, waste water systems, tank farms and production machinery, to infrared camera systems with analytics and critical systems monitoring control with digital dashboards overseeing the process by smartphone app.

Joel Shertok (Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Princeton University), President of Process Industries Consultants,  is the author of the recent monograph The Art of Scale Up.  Such specialization, built on a deep and broad knowledge of the how products are actually made, enables him to guide clients from concept to commercialization while attending to safety and environmental concerns.  This expertise was honed as both a senior executive in charge of R&D at a major manufacturer as well as a hands-on practitioner, inventor, and mentor.  Additionally, he is active in the investment side of the process business, writing and evaluating relevant proposals and applications offering maximum commercial leverage for clients.


Jeff Swaine, President of JWS Processing and Development Consulting, believes that bad batches just don’t have to happen.  To this end, he advises Process Manufacturers on all aspects of their business from broad areas such as validation and recipe-writing to highly specific niches such as the quality of mixing inside the tank and the acquisition of real-time data to verify batch status.  Liquid or powder; old machines or new; existing in-house systems or proposed new machines and analyzers … he has deep experience in all these areas.  Moreover, he easily develops rapport with the technicians making the batches or handling packaging, assuring that his decisions and advice are based on dependable information.  Perhaps most of all, he is known as the go-to guy to solve complex problems when expensive batches are at risk.

A.J. Speicher, P.E., PMP is the HVAC and commissioning team leader for Borton-Lawson, a full service architecture/engineering firm with three offices located throughout Pennsylvania.  He has over 22 years of commissioning, construction, HVAC design, building automation, and facility engineering design experience.  He has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University and a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University.  He began his career as a Project Manager for a major building automation system provider focusing on the design and installation of BAS systems for highly regulated pharmaceutical clients. That early experience was translated to the creation of a technical commissioning process to ensure that the initial Owner’s Project Requirements are realized throughout the entire design, construction, and operation of highly technical and regulated systems/spaces.  He also has a passion for implementing Digital Transformation techniques into every design and commissioning process.  In addition to being a licensed professional engineer, he is also a Certified Commissioning Provider (CCP), Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Energy Manager (CEM), and LEED Green Associate. He is a Past President of both the Anthracite Chapter of ASHRAE and the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the BCxA.

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