Management Consulting

Management Consulting – Leverage your core competencies by collaborating on Process Technology Projects

  • Two categories of projects

    1. Process Manufacturing plants needing to resolve specific production problems or choosing to improve competitiveness through introduction of innovative technology customized to their skills and markets.  See what TRP does here and how.

    2. Process Manufacturing businesses involved in buy/sell/integrate transactions driven by M&A and private equity deals.  See what TRP does here

  • The value proposition for you

    1. Availability of skilled Process Manufacturing technologists is limited in many management consulting firms, leading to smaller, narrower and less competitive offerings to potential clients in this sector. 

    2. Supplementing the core skills of the management consulting group with TRP technology-expertise presents end-users with a complete package.  The perceived effectiveness of the combined team is greater, increasing overall desirability.  Furthermore, synergies between the management consultant capabilities and that of TRP, can enable projects of larger scope.  For example, Value Capture may be a highly correlated with sales and marketing strategies, a strength of management consulting companies.